Thursday, May 6, 2010

Full Moon In Scorpio Awaken The Divine Feminine e-Course

Acceptance is a powerful state of mind! And a peaceful and welcome transformation within me!

As I painted and repainted the background of this collage, I began to realize the toll breaking my ankle has had on my frustration level. Each day I added layers of intense color to this canvas and promptly covered most of it up with white paint. I started to think about the parallel between this “painting tantrum” that was dragging on for 5 days and my newly changed-up daily life. I was dwelling on all that I couldn’t do instead of the platter of opportunities that opened up for me!

Change…… I allowed this word to permeate my being, bounced it around my head, and then let it fade and melt away. I thought of the ocean: the power, the constant motion and erosion, fluctuating undercurrents, the calming lull of blue-green breaking waves, and the magnitude of its global girth.

Not only does this collage represents the change in direction that can happen in a split second of normal life, but it is also a personal reminder to once and for all affect a change in my career. Accepting this physical challenge has bolstered my spirit, amped up my grit, and calmed my mental state. As I head straight on into parts unknown, I will embrace change and feel at peace with Mother Moon and my Spirit Guides by my side!

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  1. Heya Elizabeth - wow, you've really managed to turn something very difficult into something so positive! Moon Blessings :)