Sunday, April 4, 2010

FULL MOON COLLAGE Awaken the Divine Feminine E-Course

This week’s full moon brought forth some wild and crazy energy within me despite the fact that, due to cloud cover, I never actually saw the moon at all! I was particularly scattered the day of, and just threw my hands up and gave in to what was so out of my control.
It really shaped up to be an extremely productive week, however. The vision for my collage began to take form when I painted the background. I had woken up the day after the moon was full with indigo and purple on my mind. With it being such a breezy week here in southern California, I began to think of deep breaths, which infiltrate every nook and cranny of our beings. As I swirled in pastels of light, I gave thanks to mother moon for her supporting me in awakening that spirit deep within me, a spirit which has been covered with life’s layers for too many years to say out loud! I envisioned embers, and thought of how breathing on embers causes sparks to fly. I also envisioned the “glow” growing, spreading, and igniting whatever it touches.
I wrote this Haiku poem to sum it all up:
Awakened within
Breath on smoldering embers
Ignites the passion.

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